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“Total Baseball and Todd have been a blessing to our family. When our son first started at Total Baseball, he could barely throw a ball. A year later, you would never believe this is the same boy that walked in the door on day one. Thanks to Todd and Total Baseball, his skill and technique have exploded. He’s throwing, hitting and pitching better than ever!”

J. & A. L.

“Coach Todd not only has a ton of baseball knowledge and experience; he is able to translate this knowledge in teaching the physical and mental aspects of the game to kids of all ages and abilities. Our two boys have been taking lessons from Todd for over 5 years and we could not be more pleased with the results.”

C. N.

“Coach Todd has worked with our boys for several years. They have improved in every aspect: hitting, pitching, and fielding. He is very creative with his teaching techniques. He is able to modify his lessons to benefit the needs of each individual player. Our boys love having Coach Todd as an instructor. He has not only made them better baseball players, but better young men!”

M. P.

 “I highly recommend Todd Buczek as a baseball coach. My boys have been instructed by Coach Todd for a little over 5 years. The difference his coaching made was quickly evident. My boys have gained significant improvement in their batting, catching, fielding and overall knowledge of the game. Todd has many strengths that are evident in his coaching. He demonstrates skill, knowledge and love for the game of baseball. Todd is very good with kids and truly cares about their development. He is patient, while remaining firm, and earns the respect and attention of his students. I am very grateful to have Todd coaching my sons. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their baseball skills.”

S. & A. W.

“Total Baseball has been and continues to be a positive influence on my 11U son. The combination of one on one instruction along with the off season throwing and core strengthening program have drastically improved my son’s baseball technique as well as his overall strength and agility. Todd provides a wealth of knowledge drawing from years of collegiate coaching and does a masterful job communicating fundamentally sound techniques to any age player.”

J. H.

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“Todd and Total Baseball have provided an awesome experience! Fundamentals at an early age are important and Todd is great with communicating on a level that my 8 year old son understands and enjoys. Best of all, practice outside of Total Baseball always has a reference point now! Early age beginner to college age talent, it’s easy to see why players come to see Todd!”

S. K.

“Without a doubt the best guy to go see if you want great mechanics and attention to detail is Todd at Total Baseball; he cares about the kids and them getting better. He has always made time for my son and keeps him a goal and a way to obtain that goal. 8 years in and progressing every year. Todd’s more than an instructor. He’s become a great friend.”

P. H.

“We are fortunate to have found Todd and Total Baseball 7 years ago when my older son started taking lessons from him and later played on one of his teams. Now both of my sons take lessons from him. He is a great pitching and hitting coach. Both my sons have gained so much confidence in their game because of his instruction. What I like most is that he does not tell you just what you did wrong with a certain hit or pitch but WHY you did it wrong… where did the problem start and how to fix it. He takes the time to really get to know your player and what it takes to motivate them and push them forward. I have watched him so often and see how good he is with all ages and all boys and girls. His facility has two great pitching machines for hitting with four different speeds. He is easy to work with and very accessible.”

K. M.

“Todd has the coaching expertise and experience to observe and teach proper technique and form. He is patient and has taught our son a skill set that allows him to maximize his potential while minimizing risk of injury. He is easy to work with and has helped our son tremendously.”

C. W.

“The mark of a good teacher is someone who can simplify a complex task and teach it piece by piece in a positive environment. That is exactly what Todd does at Total Baseball. My son has been taking lessons from Todd weekly for over a year and we see improvement every single week. It takes real work to improve a baseball swing, pitch or throw and Todd inspires my son to do that work and guides him through the process while having a great time. He never knows he is working hard but sees the benefit as success on the field!”

M. M.

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“We have been going to Coach Todd for a while now for 7 years. Our son at first was the primary reason as he was a left-handed pitcher. Todd taught him the correct way to pitch and our son in that time never had one single arm issue. Our daughter is with him now and he is her hitting instructor. He has been a tremendous help in teaching her linear hitting. Our daughter has improved greatly as a hitter and will continue to improve with Todd as her coach. He works well with boys and girls and he knows the game. We would highly recommend him for baseball pitching and hitting for softball and baseball. He will teach them the right way!”

V. H.

“We are so pleased with the excellent instruction Jack is receiving. Todd is so positive and encouraging with all his students. This is a large part of why Jack loves going each week. Thanks to Todd, Jack is turning into a great athlete.”

L. C.

“I can’t thank Todd enough for the work he’s put into my 8 year old daughter. She has completely transformed into a softball player. Her hitting has become consistent and more powerful. Her throwing has improved so much and her footwork in grounding balls has gotten so much better. Most importantly, her confidence in herself is off the charts. Todd is a very patient and caring Coach. His kids mean a lot to him and it shows. I would recommend Todd and Total Baseball to anyone looking to improve their game.”

M. W.

“We have been working with Todd for the last three years. Throughout that time, I have seen my son grow both as a ball player and a young man. The work ethic and focus on the fundamentals has helped him become a better all-around player. As we transition to high school, I know he will have the foundation to succeed both on and off the field.”

S. B.

“In the spring of 2017, my oldest was loving the game of baseball but not a star athlete by any stretch. We asked some friends for a referral of a private coach and had several recommend Todd at Total Baseball. We called and scheduled our first appointment with Todd the next week or so. To this day, almost 3 years later, he still takes private lessons. We continue, not only because of the baseball skills our son has learned and excelled at, but also the fact that he teaches kids (of all ages) how to deal with and manage challenging situations. I’ve seen my own son apply the tactics and teachings to his game (and everyday life), and will attest he is a much better person and has a better ability to handle himself based on the knowledge learned from Todd. Baseball is Todd’s love, and I love the fact he has the passion and drive to teach a much younger generation that same passion for such a classic game!”

C. T.

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 “My 11 year old son, Sam has been under coach Todd’s tutelage for a little over three years. Sam has really advanced in his baseball skills under Coach Todd. Coach Todd is truly a walking compendium of baseball knowledge!”

B. G.

 “I can’t say enough good things about Total Baseball, especially Todd Buczek. My boys have been at Total Baseball for 7 years starting when they were in rec all the way to travel tournament ball. He took one of my sons from swinging at air to hitting the ball over the fence. My older son now does private pitching and hitting lessons with Coach Todd and also plays on one of his teams. He has improved tremendously. Coach Todd is patient, focuses on training, player safety through proper technique and not over using his players. He knows baseball, the rules, motivation and how to get the most out of a player. He also has a great sense of humor and makes the hard work fun. We would highly recommend him to anyone whose child wants to be a better player and learn how to do things right.”

S. H.

“Our son has been taking lessons from Todd at Total Baseball for 2 years. We have seen tremendous and consistent growth in our son throughout this time, and have been pleased with the ‘starting with the fundamentals’ approach that Todd uses. Not only does Todd have deep knowledge of the game of baseball and the mechanics that must be mastered to succeed, but his patience and communication style have been crucial in the growth of our son as a player. We would recommend Todd at Total Baseball without reservation!”

A. S.

“We found Total Baseball a little over a year ago. It’s amazing what coach Todd can accomplish in just one year. My son could barely catch and his hitting mechanics were all over the place. In one year, we can catch, our plate appearances have a strategy, and we have even pitched a few games in last year’s fall baseball season. Coach Todd has brought us a long way and we are excited about the years to come with Total Baseball and Coach Todd.”

A.. B.

“From a former collegiate baseball player, Coach Todd Buczek knows how to get on each player’s individual level to help them find the basics to grow, learn from instruction and ultimately become a better ball player. He has worked with my two sons, now 13 and 11 for almost two years, and their continued enjoyment and desire to become better players has a lot to do with Todd’s approach. If you are looking for an avenue to help your child become more confident in their baseball abilities, I highly recommend Coach Todd at Total Baseball!”

A. F.

 “Todd Buczek has coached our son over the last three years. During that time, we have been privileged to watch our son improve in every fundamental aspect of the game and his confidence has grown. Todd’s expertise regarding the finer points of pitching, fielding and hitting is exceptional. However, his greatest assets as a coach are his abilities to communicate with young men and challenge them with an eye toward helping them reach their potential as baseball players and more importantly, becoming the best they can be in every area of life.”

J. M.