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What Makes Up A Good Machine

There are so many fancy, high-tech machines available today that cause us to get enamored into paying too much for something that really doesn’t need to be complicated to be beneficial. Watching a live pitcher on a screen and measuring exit velocities and launch angles are all important tools – no question. But a proper swing produces those things and maximizes those numbers. More often than not, you need something that is reliable when it throws and will deliver pitches to different locations, allowing you to focus on what is important, and that is YOUR SWING. Focusing on different lights, having the eyes always shifting, listening for a beep and so on can keep us from really being attentive to what we actually need to do on any given swing. Batting practice is about simple, repetitive swings that instill solid muscle memory. The Iron Mike Pitching Machine provides that opportunity. It has been an industry standard for decades and is still used in most college and professional facilities. It’s a work horse and delivers every time. Our machines also utilize regulation baseballs and softballs to simulate the feeling of the bat striking a ball. Come keep it simple!

What Makes Up Proper Batting Practice

Many people think you need to hit higher speeds to get faster bat speed. Although it can help, faster bat speed will come with proper mechanics repeated often. Make no mistake – we are always striving for the “perfect swing,” but that rarely happens. Every swing is a little different. We see different pitch speeds, different pitch types and different locations. Choosing a pitch speed too high hinders your ability to work. You’re constantly “muscling up” to swing, too worried about “catching up”. This can actually slow your bat speed down because your hitting muscles tighten up, and tight muscles are slow. Pick a speed you can handle and iron out your flaws. Record yourself and review between pitches or rounds because video does not lie. If you are always trying to catch up, you can’t be working on specific parts. Major leaguers don’t take batting practice at 100 mph, so why should we?

Private Instruction

When choosing an instructor, you want someone who has been exposed to numerous styles and techniques, someone who has coached at a higher level and not just played, and someone with a great reputation. Do your homework; investigate their track record.  How long they have been instructing and the fees they charge can be great signs. Be wary of the young instructor fresh out of school – they are usually cheaper and have a tendency to teach the way they did it. This may not always be a bad thing, but not everyone should be identical either. Early foundations are key to any type of discipline in sports. You want an instructor who is outgoing and has a great personality, who is focused on that foundation, who keeps it fun, asks questions and is constantly looking for feedback from the player rather than force feeding material into them. Over time they find things which are individualistic to your child. You want an instructor who has an obvious interest in their student’s development, who follows up after lessons (ensuring clarity from that lesson), who is interested in the player’s on-field applications and who is willing to work with you in difficult times because we all have them!

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