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About Us

First Base

At Total Baseball, there is no limit to what an individual can achieve so long as they have the heart, desire, patience, attention and drive necessary to reach for their dreams!

Who We Are

Total Baseball is an indoor training facility. We do not require you to have a membership or take lessons to utilize our facility – we are simple, family oriented and welcome everyone –  regardless of your ability or intentions. Whether you play school ball, travel ball, rec ball or are on a date night, we welcome you to visit. We’ve been serving central Alabama for nearly 20 years. Through all those years, we have always tried to keep it simple which helps keep costs down and save you money. Hitting should be fun and purposeful!

We are excited to announce that we will be installing video cameras in our cages that run in a tape delay format. You will be able to hit a ball and look back on a giant television and watch the swing you just took. This will allow your future swings to be more productive!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I highly recommend Coach Todd for baseball player development. Todd has worked with my son for many years and I truly see a difference when comparing my son’s mechanics versus his peers. I have observed many baseball instructors and most don’t understand proper mechanics themselves. Todd’s understanding of mechanics, especially throwing and pitching, is unparalleled. I especially recommend Coach Todd as a pitching coach. I can only speak from my personal experience but what he has taught my son to do as a pitcher speaks for itself.”

– E. E.

Contact Us

Address: 130 Oxmoor Court Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: (205) 941-0105
Websites: www.tomorrowsplayer.com

Todd Buczek: todd@tomorrowsplayer.com

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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday:  3 – 8 pm
Saturday:  8 am – 3 pm
Sunday:  11 am-5 pm

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