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  • "We have to add more velocity to our fast ball!"  "We have to add more power!"  "He's got to get faster!"  All statements we get on a daily basis.  To improve in these areas and others, involves improving the mechanics of the motion.  In other words, if you want to run faster, you need to improve your running technique.  Yes, speed is a gift from God, we all can't run 6.6 second 60 yard dashs.  That doesn't mean we can't be quicker.  You must improve your posture, how your body parts fuction together, what arm goes up with what knee are just a sampling of what we are talking about.  Going out and running 15 110 yard gasers is not going to make you faster.  It'll probably get you in shape but not allow you to post a time to get scouts to look at you or help you make that all-star team.

    The same can be said for every other area in sports.  We are concerned with baseball here and we make a monumental effort to help people understand that the better the fundamentals, the better the player.  "If you can't do it slow, how are you ever going to do it fast?"  You want to improve your son's velocity on the mound?  Help him to throw the ball properly.  Pitching is nothing more that throwing it correctly where you want, when you want.  Sure velocity is important but Greg Maddox made a career out of throwing his fastball where he wanted, when he wanted at 83-86 mph.  He'd get it up there if he had to but understand, hitters get themselves out.  So many players lack basic fundamentals that they never master at the younger ages.  Why do arm injuries still persist?  Leagues have the necessary pitch count/rest rules in place these days but yet we still have arm problems.  Why is that?  Because we don't throw correctly.

    Hitting, defense and every other area of the game are the same way.  The time to work towards improvement is not during the season but rather during the off-season.  Just a couple of hours a week over a four or five month period can make a world of difference.  Besides, who doesn't want to go outside and have a good old game of catch with their son or daughter.  If we are going to do that, why not make sure we do it correctly.  Slow it down, use some throwing drills to improve your ability to hit a target.  Set a blanket up in the basement or garage and get a tee.  Sit on a five gallon bucket and work the upper half of your swing all fall and winter.  Isolate different body parts during each different session and watch how much improvement you see before next season.  One thing is for sure, your bat speed will improve with all those correct repetitions.  The time to train is during the off-season so adjustments have time to settle in and your son or daughter can be used to them before you show up for your next game.  Confidence is the name of the game.  You are not going to get much of that if you practice on Monday and then expect to show up Tuesday and execute things differently.

    Good luck this fall and we wish you the best of luck improving your baseball skills in the off-season.

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