Off-Season Throwing / Core

Strengthening Program   (04.09.19)

We are now accepting registration forms for our Off-Season Throwing / Core Strengthening Program.  This class is designed for two disciplines.  It is dedicated to improving and strengthening all facets of the throwing motion through the use of specific throwing drills, heavy baseballs, long toss and more.  Our previous classes have been extremely successful at both improving velocity and strengthening the throwing mechanics to eliminate arm injuries.  We will also utilize numerous core strengthening stations to enhance the program.  We usually have 10-15 stations set-up which we'll run 30 seconds to one minute utilizing a high energy level.

 Don't miss out, register early as there are limited spots!!  Call (205) 941-0105 for more information.  You can download the registration form below.



Downloadable Files
core strengthening flyer - fall & winter 2020.pdf